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Ventz ® is a patented and European design protected venting system designed to reduce the build up of heat under the protective clothing worn by most motorcyclists. In warmer conditions this heat can build up to very uncomfortable levels and ultimately lead to severe loss of concentration to the rider.


How It Works?

When riding in warm weather the air locked inside your jacket creates an invisible blanket of trapped air that raises your body temperature to uncomfortable levels. Ventz ® creates a regular flow of soothing air that strips away this heated layer making your journey more comfortable and your arrival a lot cooler.


Ventz - The Ultimate Hot Weather Riding Solution


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Q. Could they shatter in an accident?
A. No. Ventz are made using only shatter proof materials and the main body is made of a flexible rubberised material making them both safe and comfortable.

Q. Do you need gloves to hold them in place?
A. No. The flexible clip on top of the Ventz module will secure the unit in place with or without gloves being worn.

Q. Will insects get blown up my sleeve?
A. No. The mesh grill at the front has been specially chosen to allow maximum air flow whilst preventing the smallest of insects to get through.

Q. Isn’t it better to keep the hot air out?
A. I will answer this with a question; in the days before air conditioning, when travelling by car on a hot day did you keep the windows up or down?

Q. At high speeds will I look like the Michelin man?
A. Not really, if you read the “Principle of operation” section of the evaluation report you will see that Ventz does not rely on the blasting of air all around your body but on the creation of low pressure drawing out the warmer air, you should only feel the turbulent air around your arms, which by the way feels extremely pleasant on a hot day.

Q. What if it turns cold or rains when I'm using them?
A. Put them in your pocket.

Q. Do they come as a pair?
A. Yes, there are two Ventz per box.

Q. I wear a very tight Jacket, will they still work?
A. No not really. To work effectively Ventz needs some airspace for the air to circulate freely, as this is a summer product we are assuming you will not be wearing woolly jumpers or a thick fleece under your jacket, I just wear a T Shirt on hot days.

Q. I ride in just a T shirt or with my Cuffs open
A. Good luck with that! Ventz have been designed for riders who want to remain comfortable while maintaining the protective integrity of their riding gear.

Q. Do they work for the pillion passenger as well?
A. Yes, pillion riders normally suffer the most from overheating because direct airflow is blocked by the rider, using Ventz the pillion is free to put their arms into the airflow as and when a shot of cooling breeze is needed.


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