Limited Edition Prints
Henk Stadman

Henk Stadman with his painting of Giacomo Agostini on the MV Agusta in 1968.

" The passion for this famous Italian engine, MV Agusta, has already arisen in my young years, I grew up on a short distance of the Dutch TT circuit of Assen. (Drenthe, Holland)

As a small boy I was taken along by my father to the Dutch TT, this made such an impression which has never released me, and this caused already on youthful age the virus “Öl im Blut” (German frase for "oil in the blood") . The sound of the roarring four-stroke, and the smell of Castrol has been the reason for my addiction. But thinking of racing ourselves in those days was a dream out of reach, we looked at the riders as if they where gods, but they were at the same time complete accessible for everyone. But things change, now it's only possible in my memory.

Nowerdays, if I go to the Dutch TT, I only go for the GP class, the four-stroke. The tension of the program is also gone. Back in the old days it was different, from the 50cc up to the sidecar was a treat, really gave you goosepumps.... ".


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