Jon Ekerold

Jon Ekerold, from South Africa, won the 350cc Grand Prix World championship as a privateer in 1981 when he beat Toni Mang. He has written and published his own autobiography called "The Privateer".

Only 4,000 copies of the book have been printed.

With 36 pages of colour and black and white photos, the 190 page hard-back book is a great insight into those great days of GP racing.

Order now to receive your personally signed and dedicated copy, and Jon will dispatch the book personally to you from his present home in Germany.

"This is the story of one man's struggle to reach the pinnacle of his sport. It was, under the circumstances, a dream that appeared unobtainable, but also one that fired the engine that drove his desire to succeed. Jon Ekerold was a unique champion. He became the only man ever to capture the 350 world title without the benefit of a works machine, and as such his story forms an important part of motorcycling history. Besides his own personal tale though, he also provides a fascinating insight into an era that was probably the most dangerous period in the sport. There was another world in motorcycle racing that was largely passed by as the spot-lights were focused on the factory stars, and Jon does a fine lob of providing the reader with an insight of what it was like to be part of that world. Well written and highly entertaining, this book is a must on every true motorcycle racing enthusiast's bookshelf."   

Nick Harris  - highly respected motorcycle racing journalist and a leading grand prix TV commentator.

"Jon Ekerold was a larger than life character at a time when the sport was full of charismatic personalities. This was the golden age of grand prix racing according to many experts, and victory, whatever the cost in terms of pain, sweat and tears, made the winners stand out: He was a hard, tough cookie who battled against the odds so many times in his determination to come out on top. I was proud to have known Jon and his family and his story is one of self-sacrifice, courage and skill. Anyone who followed world championship grand prix racing during the 1970s and 80s will know that his 350 title did not come easily."

Chris Carter - TV commentator, broadcaster and top-flight journalist in GP racing for over 30 years.

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