Your Photo on a Clock
How about reproducing a photograph of your bike onto your own clock?

Are you having trouble thinking of the perfect gift for your husband or boyfriend? Or maybe you just want to capture yourself in time - well here's the answer......

Join our many satisfied customers who have done exactly this and send us a photograph for reproducing onto a plastic or wooden clock. They will never be late again!!

"The ultimate personalised gift for the biker who doesn't want to be late"

Prat of the week !!

Product Features:

  • Choice of coloured plastic or pine outer
  • 225mm (plastic) or 254mm (pine) outside diameter
  • Battery not supplied (AA)

Choose from a red, blue, black, white or silver plastic outer at just £10.99, or maybe a pine or mahogany outer at £19.99. Which ever you choose, they both represent excellent value for money.

If you decide to order, simply click the link to the shop below and follow the simple instructions. Your clock should be delivered within about 7 days.

Tick-Clocks shall not be responsible for lost or damage to photographs entrusted to us, unless the damage or loss has been caused by our negligence. In this instance, the maximum liability shall not exceed £5.00 per order.

It is understood that an order placed for our service constitutes a warranty by the customer that they have copyright over any photograph presented for reproduction and the customer will keep us indemnified from all liability to costs, damages or any other charges arising from such use.

Biker-Gifts is run by Tick-Clocks who specialise in reproducing photos onto clocks. There's a good standard range of humorous sporting clocks that make an excellent present.

- just look below.....

Look out for the following sports: Archery, Badminton, Canoeing, Diving, Fishing, Game-Shooting, Golf, Martial Arts, Rock Climbing, Snooker, Squash, Table Tennis, Tennis, Ten Pin Bowling, Water Skiing and more........

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